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The Viana Heart

The Viana Heart is one of the most emblematic motifs of Portuguese filigree, a timeless symbol of love worn by generations of women since the 19th century.

Preserving the Art of Portuguese Filigree

The House of Filigree was created to protect handmade Portuguese filigree, which is threatened with extinction due to the proliferation of reproductions made in industrial moulds. The Rosas family - who have been in the jewellery business for five generations - have embraced the cause of filigree, which is at the root of their work, by opening this space which is a symbiosis of museum, atelier and boutique, inviting us on a journey through the history of Portuguese filigree.

Handmade High Jewellery

We rely on the partnership of small workshops, where the best artisans keep alive this tradition made up of knowledge that is lost in time, to produce gold filigree pieces of rare artistic perfection, which elevate the art of Portuguese filigree to the level of high jewellery. Unique and unrepeatable jewellery that celebrates the noblest of motifs, a reflection of the knowledge we pride ourselves on, our fidelity to canons and the care we put into the details.

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Handcrafted filigree, in 19.2k gold. A little treasure for women with big hearts.



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