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LUZ by Luísa Rosas

LUZ by Luísa Rosas

A celebration of traditional Portuguese filigree

Launched in 2019, this new collection is the perfect invitation to discover Portugal's hidden treasures.

Luísa Rosas, the jewellery designer who belongs to the 5th generation of a family with traditions in filigree, goldsmithing and jewellery, has traced the memories of family crafts to recover the oldest artisanal techniques used in Portuguese jewellery, reinterpreting them in the light of her own creative assumptions.

Relying on the best artisans and finest materials, Luísa Rosas has shed new light on tradition. The result is dazzling jewellery that combines yellow gold with a satin finish and polished white gold, crafted with cones, feathers and swirls, to which diamonds add sparkle.

A collection that is a fusion of old and new, revisiting history while pointing the path to an ancient art that is enlightened and renewed.

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