House of Filigree - Museum, Atelier and Boutique - a project designed by Group David Rosas, was born in Porto, on December 6th, 2019, with a mission to protect handmade Portuguese filigree, as opposed to the machine-made replicas.

With this project we sought out from the start to defend an exceptional art form and a tradition passed on from for master to apprentice, from generation to generation. Every piece is carefully made by hand and developed with the passion and expertise of the best filigree makers. Real works of art, crafted by the soul of its craftsmen and a profound respect by a tradition that takes years to fully master.

House of Filigree creations, author contemporaneous pieces or pieces inspired by the traditional museum collections, provide work for master filigree makers, as well as the workshops based in Póvoa de Lanhoso and Gondomar, threatened by the industrialized massification in the goldsmithery sector, and already facing a relevant crisis before Covid-19.

Besides handmade filigree, the products House of Filigree has made available to its public - from leather products to writing accessories, postcards, etc - all stand by the cause “100% human, 100% local, 100% alive”. All pieces are entirely made in Portugal, by local artisans and workshops, guaranteeing high quality standards, a base for a sustainable economy, activities and an expertise we cannot let disappear.

In face of this pandemic that shook the world, the city of Porto, which knew a surprising rebirth during the past decade thanks to tourism, faces today (and for the foreseeable times) a serious recession and huge uncertainty regarding recovery.

In this context, we want to keep the filigree cause alive more than ever, as well as the jobs of our craftsmen and business partners.

Following our mission to save a priceless cultural heritage, as well as an irreplaceable and unique chain of production, we challenge every Portuguese to support this cause - a cause for us all.

Because we believe that even from a distance there is a thread keeping us together.

Join this movement.

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